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    Our Services

    We offer the widest range of plumbing and gas-related services, including fireplace installations, new and retro-fits.

    The Rightman's full-service plumbing contractors specialize in residential and commercial plumbing. Our trained plumbers are ready to help!

    We offer the following plumbing related services:

    • Hot water tanks
    • Tankless heaters
    • Retrofits
    • Drinking water filter systems
    • Radiant in-floor heating
    • Complete bathroom renovations
    • Full residential and commercial installations
    • Bathroom/Kitchen plumbing design
    • Toilets, taps, hose/garden outlets, garburators
    • Design and install solar heating systems
    • Poly B inspection, removal and replacement
    • Sewer hookups (including septic tank decommission)

    Our fully insured, bonded, and licensed gas contractors are recognized by the Fuel and Safety Branch Authority.

    We offer the following gas related services:

    • Gas hot water tanks
    • Boilers
    • Fireplaces
    • Barbecue Boxes
    • Patio Heaters
    • Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces
    • Radiant infloor heating
    • Ventilation and ducting
    • High efficiency furnaces/furnace conversion
    • All gas appliances such as ranges and dryers

    With over 30 years of experience, The Right Man Plumbing and Gas Company Ltd. has the ability to help you find the fireplace unit that best suits your home's square footage to maximize the savings on your heating bill. We are proud to offer a select line of stylish, energy efficient, natural gas and propane fireplaces that will save you money while warming your home. A natural gas or propane fireplace is economical, decorative, and a good way to increase the value of your home.

    We offer:

    • Competitive pricing and group rates for service packages
    • Consultations
    • Supply and install of all makes and models
    • Cleaning and servicing
    • Upgrading of existing fireplaces

    Having your natural gas appliances serviced by a BCSA licensed natural gas contractor has numerous benefits. These include: 

    • Safety—a gas contractor will inspect the area around your appliances to help ensure there is proper ventilation and no combustibles are nearby. 
    • Efficiency—regular maintenance helps ensure your system operates at optimal energy-efficiency standards.
    • Longevity—during the service, a gas contractor can identify any worn parts and replace them before they fail, which helps sustain your equipment’s safe function and extended lifespan.
    • Air quality—a gas contractor can check your furnace filter, show you how to replace it and recommend how often.
    • Warranty—most manufacturers require regular servicing to ensure your warranty remains valid.

    Contact us for more information, or to schedule a service appointment.

    Poly-B is a gray plastic pipe used as a water supply line in homes across Canada and the US. This piping was installed and used in the early-1970s until the mid-1990s. It was thought to be a cheap replacement for copper pipes. About the mid-1980s, homes with Poly-B plumbing began to experience issues. This proved to be a bad situation. Some Poly-B plumbing would leak behind drywall and not be discovered until it was a too late; creating damage and mold.

    There are about 700,000 homes across Canada with Poly-B plumbing. The problem with Poly-B is that the pipe may look fine from the outside, but it’s slowly deteriorating from the inside and could rupture at any moment. Visual inspections cannot determine the pipes true condition.The best option is to have it removed and replaced with PEX water piping.

    Contact us if you would like to know more, or to book an inspection.


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