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    Poly B Removal and Replacement

    Poly-B is a gray plastic pipe used as a water supply line in homes across Canada and the US. This piping was installed and used in the early-1970s until the mid-1990s. It was thought to be a cheap replacement for copper pipes. About the mid-1980s, homes with Poly-B plumbing began to experience issues. This proved to be a bad situation. Some Poly-B plumbing would leak behind drywall and not be discovered until it was a too late; creating damage and mold.

    There are about 700,000 homes across Canada with Poly-B plumbing. The problem with Poly-B is that the pipe may look fine from the outside, but it’s slowly deteriorating from the inside and could rupture at any moment. Visual inspections cannot determine the pipes true condition.The best option is to have it removed and replaced with PEX water piping.

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